All the women folk to join the ‘YSR Abhayahastam’ and get benefited.

YSR ‘Abhayahastam’ launched on the occassion of November 1, the scheme was the dream of late Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy to help the women in their latter age when they become dependent.“Our late leader Dr. Rajasekhar Reddy used to show great affection over the poor old women. He wanted them to lead a secured life and for which he formulated this scheme. Though he is not amid us now let us tread the path he had shown to us”.

As many as 52,000 women of the self-help groups in eachdistrict paid the prescribed contribution and joined the ‘Abhaya Hastham,’ the co-contributory pension and insurance scheme for SHG women.

The innovative scheme offers income security and insurance cover to the women of the SGHs besides scholarships to their children.

YSR Abhaya Hastam would help the poor old women to live the life without any worry and not depending on any one. This scheme would provide a sense of security to the women in the old age, he added.

Every woman joined the Abhaya Hastam could get the amount ranging between Rs.500 and Rs.2200 per month and with which they could lead a tension free life.YSR Abhayahastam is to provide financial assistance to women at the fag end of their life thus reducing dependence on children.

“The scheme is binding legally and there is no need to take assistance from mediators or brokers. Any irregularities detected in the implementation of the scheme would be viewed seriously,

Detailing salient features of the schemes,women in the age group of 18 to 59 years, daughter-in-law of the same village, member of SHG for one year, and must be a white ration card holder are eligible.