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Kolleru Lake:

Kolleru Lake is the largest freshwater lake. Between Krishna and Godavari delta Kolleru is located. Spanning into two districts – Krishna and West Godavari Kolleru is the good sightseeing. The lake serves as a natural flood-balancing reservoir for these two rivers. The lake is fed directly by water from the seasonal Budameru and Tammileru lakes, and is connected to the Krishna and Godavari systems by over 68 inflowing drains and channels.

Kolleru lake contains numerous fertile islets called lanka’s,many of the small ones are submerged during floods. The origine of unusual depression which forms the bed of the lake is unknown, but it was possibly the results of an earthquake. There fore many ancient villages are precepted in the bed of the lake as a result of floods and earthquake.


Kolleru Bird Sanctuary:

The Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is rich in a diverse variety of flora and fauna and is a natural home for a number of birds. A large number of migratory birds flock to this region during the winter season.

The Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary occupies an area of 673 sq kilometers and is situated between the deltas of the Krishna and Godavari rivers, in Krishna and West Godavari districts. Its rich and diverse variety of flora and fauna makes the sanctuary a natural home for a number of birds and hence plays an important role in the ecological system