Water Supply Information

Source Godavari Water and Ground water
S.S.Tank (Capacity in ML)
S.S.Tank area (in Acrs)
Filterbeds (Capacity in MLD) 4 No.
ELSR wise (Capacity in MLD) Kommai Tank-0.682 ML, Sajjapuram -1ML, Market -1.66 ML
Length of Distribution Lines  36.13 Km
No. of House holds covered under piped water supply 2,213
Percentage of area covered under piped water supply 75%
No. of un-covered house holds under piped water supply Ward No’s: 3,19,20,25,17,4,21Part and 24 part
Percentage of un-covered area under piped water supply 25%
No. of Hand Bores

(for Drinking + General use)
262 No
No. of Hand Bores only for General use do
Total: 262 Nos
No. of  House holds covered through Transportation 3,4,2,3,29, 8th wards 
Percentage of House holds covered through transportation
No. of Tankers  Own Hired On Charity Total
1 No 1No
Frequency of Water Supply  Daily Twice – 6.00 A.M to 8.00 A.M, 4.00 P.M to 6.00 P.M, Total 4 Hours
Supply period

(Hours per day / per round)
4 Hours per day
Per Capita Supply per day (LPCD) 50 LPCD
No. of Residential Tap connections Metered Non-Metered Total
2149 K.L 2149 KL
No. of Commercial connections Metered Non-Metered (if any) Total
7 No 7 No
No. of Bulk Supply connections i.e., Industrial usage or Institutional usage Metered Non-Metered (if any) Total
Grand Total Metered Non-Metered (if any) Total
12 RS/KL 45/- Month
Water Tariff Metered (Rs.- Per – Ltr) Non-Metered (Rs.- per _____)  
No. of Tanks / Ponds / Lakes Municipal Government Others Total
05 01 06
No. of Street Lights High Mast light junctions SV lamps MV lamps Tube lights Solar lights LED Total
4 Junctions 21 M.H.Light 396 136 1638 2191
No. of poles without light set 350 No.